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Elective ICT Pasco 2018 Objectives

Elective ICT Pasco 2018 Objectives



1) A digital computer represents data in

A. Compact form

B. Continuous form

C. Discrete form

D. Integrated form

2) The binary number 11.1012 converts to decimal as

A. 3.256

B. 3.625

C. 3.652

D. 4.652

3) The octal fraction65 converts to binary as

A. 0.11011

B. 0.110101

C. 10110

D. 10110.0

4) In describing people whose show jobs involve sponsoring and funding project to develop, operate and maintain the information system, the term used is

A. System owner

B. System builder

C. Information worker

D. Internal system user

5) Management information systems(MIS) refers to

A. Processing business transactions

B. Capturing and reproducing the knowledge of and expert programmer

C. Creating and sharing document that support day-to-day office activities

D. Using transaction data to produce information needed by managers to run a business

6) In what aspect is a computer not smarter than a human being? Ability to

A. Make well-reasoned decisions

B. Store massive amounts of information

C. Solve complex mathematical problems in a second

D. Recall information stored in a split second

7) A collection of linked documents or pages stored on millions of computers and distributed across the word is called

A. Browser

B. Hyperlink

C. Internet

D. World wide web

8) A non-dedicated office making use of interconnected computers and communications technologies is called

A. Extend office

B. Electronic office

C. Temporary office

D. Virtual office

9) In desktop publishing, a design plan is also referred to as a

A. Balance

B. Grid

C. Margin

D. Row

10) Desktop publishing relies on hardware support such as
II.         Multimedia speakers
III.       Monitors
IV.       Scanners

Which of the following options will give the best support?

A. I and II only

B. II and III only

C. III and IV only

D. I, II, III and IV

11) A three column grid can be used in publications such as

I. Newsletter

II. Magazine

III. Newspaper

Which of the following options is correct?

A. I and II only

B. I and III only

C. II and III only

D. I, II and III

12) In spreadsheet, a user create a relationship between two cells using

A. Formula

B. Numbers

C. Parentheses

D. Text

13) The most appropriate form of graphics used for presenting facts and figures information is

A. Background

B. Chart

C. Flowchart

D. Legend

14) To view headers and footers information in a spreadsheet application, use the

A. Web layout button

B. Print layout view

C. Normal view button

D. Outline layout button

15) Which of the following formulas will spreadsheet not be able to compute?

A. =SUM(Sales) – A3

B. = SUM(A1:A5) *5

C. =SUM(A1:A5)/(10-10)

D. =SUM(A1:A5) – 10

16) Concatenation of text in a spreadsheet application can be done using

A. Ampersand

B. Apostrophe

C. Exclamation

D. Hash

17) The part of the computer that temporarily stores data and programs for immediate processing is the

A. Hard disk

B. System unit

C. Read only memory

D. Random access memory

18) The following options are means of disk organization except

A. Cylinders

B. Heads

C. Sectors

D. Tracks

19) Which of the following voltage levels are used respectively by monitors and electronic components inside the system unit?

A. -5/-12

B. -12/-5

C. +5/+12

D. +12/-5

20) A user is to install a second IDE hard drive in a PC has only one IDE adapter. The first drive will still be the boot drive. The second drive should be configured as a

A. Master disk

B. Primary disk

C. Secondary disk

D. Slave disk

21) The three major functions of computer are

A. Process data, supply data and produce output

B. Accept data, process data and display information

C. Accept data, produce data and produce information

D. Process data, produce data and display information

22) The function of disk defragmenter is to

A. Optimize disk space

B. Increase space on disk

C. Report on status of tracks

D. Examine the surface of disk

23) The first logical step required when installing new hard drives is to

A. Copy the system files over

B. Partition the new hard drive

C. Low-level format the new hard drive

D. High-level format the new hard drive

24) Computer software can be divided into

A. Icons and folders

B. Software and utility

C. Algorithm and compiler

D. System and application

25) Which of the following options refers to the copyrighted software that is given away at no cost by its owner?

A. Application

B. Firmware

C. Freeware

D. Liveware

26) A rectangle that appears of the screen and displays information from a particular application is called

A. Control box

B. Dialogue box

C. Menu bar

D. Taskbar

27) Which of the following options contains computer instructions?

A. Audio

B. Data

C. Program

D. Video

28) Which of the following software is used to accomplish specific task by a computer user?

A. Application software

B. Driver software

C. Utility software

D. System software

29) The computer programming language specifically developed for business solutions is





30) Arrange in ascending order, the ages of the following programming languages:


II. C ++



A. IV, II, III and I

B. IV, III, I and II

C. IV, I, III and II

D. IV, III, II and I

31) Finite number of sequential instructions is called

A. Algorithm

B. Control flow

C. Flowchart

D. Program flow

32) Which of the following tags surrounds a group of form control in HTML?

A) Fieldset

B) Input

C) Label

D. Legend

33) Which of the following tags created the biggest headings in a browser?

    1. <h1>…</h1>
    2. <h2>…</h2>
    3. <h4>…</h4>
    4. <h6>…</h6>

34) The term class in object oriented programming refers to

A. A constant

B. A variable

C. A collection

D. An instance of an object

35) What will be the output of the following code?
10 REM Example of how a comma
20 REM affects the output
30 REM print statement
40 PRINT “4+7=”,
50 PRINT 4 + 7

A. 4 + 7

B. 4 + 7 =

C. 11

D. 4 + 7 = 11

36) The tag<trvalign=”top”> means that content of the

A. Row is aligned to the bottom of the border

B. Cell is aligned to the top of the cell border

C. Row is aligned to the top of the row border

D. Table is aligned to the bottom of the table border

37) Which of the following operators selects a record when even one condition is satisfied?





38) Intra-page link in HTML is identified with the symbol

A. #

B. $

C. %

D. !

39) The layer responsible for dialogue control in the OSI model is the

A. Data link layer

B. Network layer

C. Physical layer

D. Session layer

40) Figure 1 represents which type of network architecture?

A. Local Area Network

B. Metropolitan Area Network

C. Personal Area Network

D. Storage Area Network

41) Networks that use different communications architecture are interconnected by using

A. Bridge

B. Gateway

C. Hub

D. Protocol

42) To prevent intruders from tapping into a network, it is advisable by using

A. Coaxial cable

B. Twisted pair

C. Optical fibre cable

D. Untwisted pair cable

43) Which of the following protocols uploads files to a host machine?





44) The object that stores commands to retrieve data from a created database is called a

A. Form

B. Query

C. Report

D. Table

45) In a datasheet, each column represents a

A. Database

B. Field

C. Record

D. Table

46) Checking input data against specific criteria is referred to as data

A. Check

B. Control

C. Validation

D. Verification

47) Which of the following features creates a drop down list of values in a database programming environment?

A. Hyperlink

B. Lookup Wizard

C. Macro

D. Memo

48) Which of the following options is not a data type application?

A. Date / Time

B. Number

C. Picture

D. Text

49) Which of the following fields has 8 bytes width?

A. Date / Time

B. Number

C. Picture

D. Number

50) Which of the following arrangements best describes the file structure?

I. File

II. Field

III. Character

IV. Record

A. III, I, IV and II

B. II, III, I and IV

C. III, II, IV and I

D. II, III, IV and I




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