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Elective ICT trial Questions


Please time yourself and complete the test. This will help you in your preparation for WASSCE.


Time: 60 minutes

Trial Questions.

1) In a Spreadsheet, which of the following is a text function?

A. COUNT()        C. ROUND()

B. DMAX()           D. UPPER()

2) In a simple network, the computer that provides data to computer that made a request is ____________

A. Client               C. Node

B. Server               D. Device

3) Which of the following displays the content of an active cell in a worksheet?

A. Name box        C. Formula bar

B. Menu bar          D. Status bar

4) ______ is a pointing device that replicates the movements of the user on the screen to select, highlight and move objects.

A. Keyboard          C. Printer

B. Monitor             D. Mouse

5) What symbol is used to enter a number as text into a Spreadsheet?

A. ,                         C. “

B. =                       D. +

6) Which of the following options contains computer instructions?

A. Audio                C. Program

B. Data                   D. Video

7) Which of the following runs vertically in a table?

A. Border               C. Column

B. Cell                    D. Row

8) In a simple network, the computer that request services is _______

A. Client                 C. Switch

B. Bridge                D. Hub

9) The concatenated operator symbol used in a spreadsheet is

A. ,                          C. !

B. #                         D. &

10) topology that has a central workstation from which all other nodes relate is called ________

A. Bus                     C. Ring

B. Mesh                  D. Star

11) A function inside another function in a spreadsheet application is called

A. Nested function

B. Round function

C. Sum function

D. Text function

12) Which of the devices is used to extend the maximum reach of a network?

A. Bridge                   C. Hub

B. Repeater                D. Switch

13) Which of the following symbols is used for absolute cell reference in spreadsheet applications?

A. ,                             C. !

A. #                            C. $

14) Pick the odd out of the following

A. Macintosh              C. Adobe

B. Windows                 D. Linux

15) Combination of two or more networks is called ________________

A. Internetwork            C. MAN

B. WAN                         D. LAN

16) The symbol that precedes a number to make it a label in spreadsheet application?

A. Quote sign

B. Underscore sign

C. Equal to sign

D. Apostrophe sign

17) Modem stands for __________

A. Modulator – demodulator

B. Modern device

C. Modern – demonstrator

D. Modulator – demonstrator

18) Which of the following application is made up of cells?

A. Spreadsheet

B. Word processor

C. Presentation package

D. Communication software

19) Which of the devices is the most intelligent one?

A. Switch               C. Gateway

B. Hub                   D. Router

20) What will be the result of writing the formula = today () + 7 in a worksheet of a spreadsheet if the current calendar date in 14 August, 1960?

A. 7 August, 1960

B. 21 August, 1953

C. 21 August, 1960

D. 21 August, 1967

21) Which area in an excel window allows entering values and formulas

A. Title bar             C. Menu bar

B. Formula bar       D. Standard toolbar

22) What is the file extension of MS-Excel

A. .doc                   C. .txt

B. .ppt                    D. .xls

23) Convert the decimal number 23 to binary

A. 11011                 C. 10011

B. 10111                  D. 10001

24) How does data represented in a computer?

A. Words               C. Letters

B. Numbers            D. binary

25) Human speech is considered as ______ signal in the computer.

A. Digital               C. Hybrid

B. Analog               D. Wave

26) The device that connect two networks with same protocol is called

A. Switch               C. Hub

B. Bridge               D. Repeater

27) What does BIT means?

A. Binary Integers Tree

B. Binary Instructions Test

C. Binary Digits

D. Binary

28) Which of the following is the largest network?

A. PAN                  C. LAN

B. CAN                  D. MAN

29) Organizations create newsletters, manuals and brochures with this type of software.

A. Presentation      C. Word Processor

B. Spreadsheet       D. Database

30) Which of the following formulas represents absolute cell reference in a spreadsheet application?

A. =!A$1                C. =A1

B .=$A$1               D. =$A1

31) Which of the following application uses cells?


B. Spreadsheet

C. Presentation package

D. Communication software

32) Facebook, MySpace and Bebo are all examples of what type of service?

A. E-learning          C. Social networking

B. Web portal         D. Wiki

33) The name of the software that destroys or corrupts data is:

A. Bug                   C. Virus

B. Flu                     D. Germ

34) Which of the following is not a browser?

A. Google

B. Safari

C. Microsoft Internet Explorer

D. Mozilla Firefox

35) All the following are unethical use of computers except?

A. Hacking              C. Scamming

B. Phishing              D. Validation

36) A computer that is shared by several users on a network is called______

A. Mainframe computer     C. Server

B. Minicomputer                 D. Workstation

37) A modem converts incoming analogue data to __________ signal

A. Analogue           C. digital

B. Parallel               D. serial

38) A signal weakness as it travels along a transmission medium is referred to as __

A. Attenuation       C. Sneaking

B. Crosstalk             D. Transmission delay

39) A peer-to-peer network is also called a

A. Class                  C. Cluster

B. Stand-alone       D. Workgroup

40) The process of copying data from a memory location is called _____

41) _________ is a process for reproducing text and images, typically with ink on paper;

A. Scanning           C. Printing

B. Projecting          D. Encrypting

42) The device that joins two dissimilar networks is ______________

A. Gateway              C. Switch

B. Bridge                  D. Hub

43) These are the instructions that tell the hardware what to do

A. DVD                      C. Software

B. CD                         D. Hardware

44) The default header for a worksheet is

A. Your name

B. The date and time

C. None

D. The sheet tab name


45) ________ refers to the physical components of an information system that can be seen and felt.

A. Software                       C. Hardware

B. Data                              D. Procedure

46) In what aspect is a computer not smarter than a human being? Ability to

A. make well-reasoned decisions.

B. store massive amounts of information.

C. solve complex mathematical problems in a second.

D. recall information stored in a split second.

47) The following are media element used in information systems except

A. Text                   C. Pixel

B. Sound                D. Audio

48) The three major functions of computers are ______

A. process data, supply data and produce output

B. accept data, produce data and produce information

C. accept data, process data and display information

D. process data, produce data and display information

49) The following are computer crimes except

A. Hacking

B. Kidnapping

C. Cyber terrorism

D. Child pornography

50) An excel workbook is a collection of

A. Workbooks

B. Charts

C. Worksheets

D. Worksheets and charts



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