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How to use the internet responsibly | Learn with ease on the internet

Using the Internet Responsibly

The internet is a global space where many people on it share resources and information. It was in the early days, used by the military and also in Universities. It has now revolved so much that the human race feels cut off the world if not on the internet. But wait, how do you use it to study?


I’m going to show you the best ways to use the internet in your studies.

Find out from the “Best students” in your school how they use the internet. We use YouTube to watch movies, music videos etc. but are you aware it is the greatest tool to use for your studies?

Do you know you can actually use the internet responsibly to your advantage?


Well let’s find out how?


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YouTube has over billions of educational contents, all it needs is you to explore them. There might be a topic in any of the subjects you don’t get, just search for it on YouTube. You will see so many ways different people across the globe used it solving problems. You can pause the videos or go back and forth on things that weren’t clear to you. This is something some classroom teachers may not do because of the limited time they have to finish a syllabus. Now, if a concept is still not clear to you, you can always ask in comment sections or watch it explained from other videos.


To use the internet responsibly to your advantages, lets follow the steps below.

Let’s learn how to search for a topics using YouTube.


  1. Launch any web browser you have (Chrome, Firefox etc.)
  2. Type YouTube in the address bar. Some browsers have the YouTube icon below the address bar, so click on it.
  3. Type your topic in the search field. Eg. Logarithm or How to construct a pie chart.
  4. Select the desired video displayed in relation to your search.

Now that you know, try for yourself. You don’t need extra classes.


The second one is Google search.

Some people prefer to read the content than to watch. If you like reading over watching, then Google search is for you. It has over a billion information you need. Let’s again follow the steps to find answers to that difficult question.



  1. Launch your web browser
  2. Enter your search in the address bar (e.g. Mathematics past questions and answers)
  3. Select your desired one from the result of the search.

Pages that are on top of your search are the ones read by many, so go for those one. It isn’t a guarantee they have the best content or examples. You may get great contents from the ones below too.


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Google scholar, Yahoo search etc. all have great contents to help you solve any difficult subject.

Many lecturers and teachers now resort to the use of online questions. Until a change in trend, go there to download or solve a lot of questions relating to your study and topic. If you doubt this, enter any past question into any search engine and see for yourself. If not the same, it would be similar.



You don’t have any excuse for failure. Failure is a choice, Choose wisely.


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Casper works at Ghana Education Service as an ICT teacher. He graduated with a First Class Honor at University of Education, Winneba - Kumasi Campus now AAMUSTED. He is also a Certified Cisco Networking Engineer and passionate about students learning.

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