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Elective ICT Pasco 2014 Objectives


Elective ICT Pasco 2014 Objectives

1) The sum of the octal  number 6588 and 1768 in octal is

A. 15088

B. 10628

C. 8308

D. 10528

2) The decimal number 272 convert to binary number as

A. 1000010002

B. 0001000012

C. 1000100002

D. 1010001002

3) The number of bits that represent a hexadecimal number is

A. 4

B. 8

C. 16

D. 32

4) The decimal number 0.3125 converts to binary as

A. 01012

B. 01012

C. 11012

D. 10012


5) The time between job submission and the return of the result in batch processing is

A. elapsed time

B. job around time

C. return around time

D. turnaround time

6) Which of the following is not a component of a decision support system

A. corporate database

B. Decision database

C. Model database

D. Transaction file

7) Which of the following files is use to hold all change to master data file?

A. Batch file

B. Dynamic master file

C. Program file

D. Transaction file

8) A file-management system has the following disadvantage except

A. Data redundancy

B. Expansive to develop

C. Lack of data integrity

D. Lack of program independence

9) The tool that holds object such as text, picture and graphics in desktop publishing is

A. Frame

B. Task pane

C. Design checker

D. Publication gallery

10) Which of the following programs is a desktop publishing application program?

A. Access

B. Page Maker

C. Word Perfect

D. Writer

11) The task pane that displays all the designs available for publication is

A. Frame

B. Design checker

C. Place holder

D. Publication gallery

12) The terminologies in a desktop publishing application include

A. Active cell

B. Design checker

C. Formula area

D. Name box

13) To select multiple non-adjacent cells in a worksheet , click on the cells whilst holding the

A. Alt KEY

B. CTRL key

C. SHIFT key


14) Which of the displays the content of an active cell in a worksheet?

A. Formula bar

B. Menu bar

C. Name bar

D. Status bar

15) A cell formatted to have an accounting  style shows negative number in

A. Bold

B. Bracket

C. Double quotes

D. Parentheses

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16) The process of identifying specific rows and columns so that these rows and columns are always visible on the screen is

A. Fixing

B. Freezing

C. Locking

D. Selecting

17) The access time on a disc is

A. Latency

B. Revolution per unit time

C. Opening time to access a data base

D. Difference between the data is requested and received

18) The type of cable used by internal SCDI devices is

A. 21-pin ribbon cable

B. 32-pin ribbon cable

C. 40-pin ribbon cable

D. 50-pin ribbon cable

19) The bus feature that allows devices to bypass the processor and write their information directly to the main memory is



C. I/O addresses

D. Bus mastering

20. The CD-ROM audio cable connects to the

A. Hard drive

B. Power supply

C. Speaker

D. Sound card

21. The process of copying a file from a web serve onto a microcomputer is

A. Downloading

B. Fragmenting

C. Upgrading

D. Uploading

22. Software is said to be portable if

A. It is cheap

B. It can be moved from place to place

C. The media it is stored on can be transported

D. It is ran on different hardware platforms

23) To facilitate quick data access, the appropriate storage medium to use is

A. Magnetic disk

B. Magnetic tape

C. Optical disk

D. Streaming tape

24) The application used to view web pages is

A. Notepad

B. Spreadsheet

C. Web browser

D. Word processor

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25) The acronym BASIC means

A. Binary Asynchronous System Interchange Connections

B. Bit Assisted Synchronous System Interchange Connections

C. Beginners’ All-purpose System Instruction Scheme

D. Beginners’ All-purpose symbolic Instruction code

26) Which of the following HTML tag creates the smallest headings in a browser?

A. <h1>…</h1>

B. <h3>…</h2>

C. <h4>…</h4>

D. <h6>…</h6>

27) The purpose of language translator is to

A. Convert source program instructions into binary

B. Convert object program into source program

C. Enable the programmer to write the program instructions in a familiar language

D. Translates one language into another

28) The HTML file used to load the default page form a website is

A. html

B. html

C. html

D. html

29) The closing tag for <p> is

A. <p>

B. <p/>

C. </p>

D. [p]

30) The use of the <b>…</b> tag in web page is to make characters

A. Bold

B. Blur

C. Blink

D. Blind

31) The purpose of computer networking is

A. Sending mails

B. Sharing resources

C. Printing documents

D. Browsing the internet

32) Copying file onto a removable disk and sending it to another computer with a printer to print is referred to as

A. Disk net

B. Peer net

C. Sneaker net

D. Peer-to-peer

33) The function of the braided foil shield around twisted pair cable is to

A. Prevent shock

B. Make the cable more robust

C. Decrease electromagnetic interference

D. Prevent short circuiting

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34) For two computer to send and receive data, the network interface card must agree on all the following except

A. The maximum size of the data frames

B. The time needed between transmissions

C. The bus mastering of the cards

D. The speed at which data must be transmitted

35) Routers are slower than Gateways because

A. Routers are obsolete

B. Gateways are more intelligent, hence analyze every packet

C. Routers are more intelligent, hence analyze every packet

D. Routers are made of semi-conductors

36) One example of a database program is

A. Access

B. Excel

C. PowerPoint

D. word

37) Code that is stored in the form of report is

A. Class module

B. Form module

C. General module

D. Standard module

38) Query in a database application can be used to do the following except

A. Create table

B. Delete records

C. Give space

D. Separate values

39) In an SQL statement, the Ampersand(&) is used to

A. Combine values

B. Duplicate values

C. Modify records

D. Normalize field names

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40) Which of the following names is valid?

A. First/name

B. First&name

C. Firstname%

D. _firstname

41) Which of the following programs copies itself into memory or onto a disk unit lo more space is left?

A. Antiviral agent

B. Trojan

C. Virus

D. Worm

42) The interactive computer program that helps users to solve problems is

A. Robot

B. Expert system

C. Natural language

D. Perception system

43) To display information in multimedia form we use

A. Archie

B. Usenet

C. File transfer protocol

D. World wide web

44) To present tabular data to the user in HTML, the element to use is

A. td

B. li

C. u

D. table

45) Which query command will a user adopt to answer the question, “Which student is below 15 years?”

A. Cross tab query

B. Search query

C. Select query

D. Update query

46) When connecting an electrostatic discharge strap to an extension cord, it must be connected to the

A. Ground

B. Hot pin

C. Negative

D. Positive

47) A male DB-25 port is most likely to be a

A. Game port

B. Network

C. Parallel port

D. Serial port

48) The maximum data rate that can be transmitted over UTP cat 3 cable is

A. 10Mbps

B. 16Mbps

C. 32Mbps

D. 100 Mbps

49) Over long distance transmissions, which of the following signals degrades the most?

A. Analog transmission

B. Digital transmission

C. Parallel transmission

D. Serial transmission

50) Which of the following topologies is easier to modify when there is a breakage in a transmission cable?

A. Bus

B. Ring

C. Star

D. Token ring


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