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Elective ICT Pasco 2015 Objectives

Elective ICT Pasco 2015 Objectives

Answer all questions

  1. The number of characters that ASCII-8 coding system scheme represents is
    A. 8
    B. 16
    C. 36
    D. 256
  2. The binary equivalence of the decimal number 17 is
    A. 11112
    B. 11102
    C. 110002
    D. 100012
  3. The following are examples of utility programs except
    A. editors
    B. file maintenance
    C. operating systems
    D. tracing and debugging
  4. The tile between job submission and the return of results in batch processing is known as
    A. elapsed time
    B. job around time
    C. turnaround time
    D. return around time
  5. Which of the following is not a component of a decision support system?
    A. Corporate database
    B. Decision database
    C. Model database
    D. Planning language
  6. Which of the following is not an attribute of useful information?
    A. Accurate
    B. Neat
    C. Precise
    D. Reliable
  7. The software that is used to arrange text and graphics into professional-looking document is called
    A. image editors
    B. spreadsheet programs
    C. desktop publishing programs
    D. database management programs
  8. Which of the following is not an example of desktop publishing application?
    A. Adobe PageMaker
    B. Adobe Reader
    C. MS Publisher
    D. QuarkXPress
  9. To select multiple non-adjacent cells in a worksheet, click on the cells while holding down the
    A. ALT key
    B. CTRL key
    C. CTRL+ALT keys
    D. SHIFT key
  10. Which of the following displays the content of an active cell in a worksheet?
    A. Formula bar
    B. Menu bar
    C. Name box
    D. Status bar
  11. The process of identifying specific rows and columns so that these rows and columns are always visible on the screen is called
    A. fixing
    B. freezing
    C. locking
    D. selecting
  12. The default paper size in the ISO’s A series is
    A. A0
    B. A3
    C. A4
    D. A10
  13. In a spreadsheet, which of the following is a text function?
    A. COUNT()
    B. DMAX()
    C. ROUND()
    D. UPPER()
  14. A red triangle at the top right corner of a cell in a spreadsheet program indicates that
    A. the value in the cell is incorrect
    B. the cell cannot accept formula
    C. there is a comment associated with the cell
    D. the formula entered into the cell has an error
  15. Which of the following memories is typically upgraded on a computer?
    A. DRAM
    B. QRAM
    C. SRAM
    D. VRAM

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  16. Which ends of a SCSI bus should be terminated?
    A. Both ends of the chain
    B. Neither end
    C. Only the end of the chain
    D. The beginning to f the chain
  17. Which type of the bus architecture supports 64-bit and 32-bit data paths?
    A. EISA
    B. ISA
    C. PCI
    D. VESA
  18. A device used within the computer that conducts and draws heat away from the processor is called?
    A. radiator
    B. thermostat
    C. heat sink
    D. air conditioner
  19. Which of the following can be found on the motherboard?
    A. BIOS chip
    B. CMOS battery
    C. Hard disk drive
    D. Underlying circuitry
  20. Which of the following power voltages goes to the ground?
    A. +5 volts DC
    B. -5 volts DC
    C. +12 volts DC
    D. -12 volts DC
  21. The feature that allows a device to distract the CPU for a moment, take control of the bus, and read from or write information to the device is known as bus
    A. capturing
    B. controlling
    C. distraction
    D. mastering
  22. Which of the following is true of customized software?
    A. They are inexpensive
    B. They are not fully documented
    C. They meet the exact needs of the user
    D. They are designed to meet the needs of many different uses
  23. Application software interacts with the computer through the
    A. linker
    B. translator
    C. system software
    D. user interface.
  24. The process of reducing the size of data on a disk in order to save space can be carried out by
    A. scanning the disk
    B. compressing data on the disk
    C. applying antivirus software
    D. deleting the data on the disk
  25. Which of the following is not an example of utility program?
    A. File copying
    B. File organization
    C. File sourcing
    D. Merge routing
  26. Which of the following is not a characteristic of off-the-shelf software?
    A. They are inexpensive
    B. They are fully documented
    C. They meet the exact needs of the user
    D. They are designed to meet the needs of many different users
  27. Every operating system must be able to perform the following functions except
    A. control resources
    B. reclaim resources
    C. distribute resources
    D. put resources into use
  28. One of the characteristics of machine language is that
    A. it uses mnemonic code
    B. each computer has its own machine language
    C. it uses simple words that are easy to remember
    D. it uses complex words that are difficult to remember
  29. The first compiled programming language was
    A. C++
    C. Pascal
    D. Visual Basic
  30. Which of the following HTML tags displays the name of the page in the caption bar of a browser?
    A. <link>
    B. <meta>
    C. <style>
    D. <title>

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  31. The HTML tag <table width=”500”> means
    A. 500mm wide
    B. 500cm wide
    C. 500 words
    D. 500 pixel wide
  32. The create a hyperlink in HTML, use
    A. <a href=></a>
    B. <b href=></b>
    C. <c href=></c>
    D. <d href=></d>
  33. Which of the following HTML tags is valid?
    A. <h1>WAEC Ghana<h1/>
    B. <b1>WAEC Ghana</b1>
    C. <u>WAEC Ghana</u>
    D. <u><b>WAEC Ghana</u></b>
  34. The <img> tag in a web page is used to
    A. create an image
    B. display an image
    C. print an image
    D. display only jpeg images
  35. To create a cell in an HTML table, use the tag
    A. <body>…</body>
    B. <td>…</td>
    C. <th>…</th>
    D. <tr>…</tr>
  36. The form of data transmission that sends a start signal, followed by a group of message bits for a character of data, followed by a stop signal is called
    A. asynchronous
    B. character based
    C. multiplexing
    D. synchronous
  37. Local area networks are intended to:
    I. Restrict physical movement of personnel
    II. Share programs among connected computers.
    III. Share data among connected computers
    IV. Share peripheral devices among connected computers
    A. I and II only
    B. II and III only
    C. III and IV only
    D. I, II, III and IV
  38. The language used in authoring web pages is called
    A. BASIC
    B. C++
    C. HTML
    D. JAVA
  39. Which of the following is the same as in the address bar of a web client?
    A. http://hostip
    B. http://local
    C. http://localhost

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  40. Which of the following is not a factor to be considered when selecting network type for an organization to implement?
    A. Size of the organization
    B. Amount of network traffic
    C. Location of the organization
    D. Level of administrative support available
  41. In the OSI model, repeaters operate at the
    A. data link layer
    B. network layer
    C. physical layer
    D. transport layer
  42. Which of the following cables transmit data at the least speed?
    A. Category 2 UTP
    B. Category 3 UTP
    C. Category 4 UTP
    D. Category 5 UTP
  43. The cable that is best suitable for implementing a bus topology is
    A. coaxial
    B. fiber optic
    C. shielded twisted pair
    D. unshielded twisted pair
  44. The following are date types except
    A. date
    B. field
    C. number
    D. text
  45. Which of the following is a valid field name?
    A. First/name
    B. First&name
    C. Firstname%
    D. _Firstname
  46. The code that is stored with a form or report is called
    A. class module
    B. form module
    C. general module
    D. standard module
  47. What will the following SQL syntax do:
    SELECT fieldlist
    FROM tablename
    IN anotherdatabase.mdb
    WHERE condition
    GROUP BY fieldlist
    HAVING conditions for fields that are grouped
    ORDERED BY fieldlistA. Add records to a table
    B. Update records for fields that are grouped
    C. Make a table from resulting values
    D. Selecting data from one or more tables and displaying result
  48. The row selection buttons on a datasheet are located in the
    A. field selection area
    B. row selection area
    C. record selection area
    D. table selection area
  49. The maximum length of a text field in a database is
    A. 75
    B. 120
    C. 255
    D. 265
  50. The technology that presents information in more than one medium including text, graphics, animations, video, music and voice is known as
    A. computer animation
    B. computer graphics
    C. multimedia
    D. multiplexing


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