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Elective ICT Practical 2019


Answer all the questions

  1. With the help of an appropriate text editor, create:

(a) three web pages named WEB1.html, WEB2.html and WEB3.html as shown in Figure 1 in the folder created. Set the title of the web pages with your full name and index number.

(b) Hyperlinks that will allow movement from

(i) html to WEB2.html;

(ii) html to WEB3.html;

(iii) html to WEB2.html;

Figure 1

Further Information:

  • Display your date of birth (e.g. September 21, 1909) on WEB 1, surname on WEB 2, and home town on WEB 3 using header 1, header 2, and header 3, respectively.
  • Provide a background colour of your choice to the three web pages.

[15 marks]

  1. (a) Use a spreadsheet application to create the table below and save as RESULTS in the folder created.
Authur Raphael 40 90 60 75
Asuande-Eshun Famiyeh 80 50 70 65
Ganyo Akosua 30 70 40 80
Ackah-Arhtur Ruth 90 60 50 40
Appiah Joy Geogette 50 80 60 30
Ashokoor Akweley 70 45 80 20
Sampson Kofitse Kwesi Yao 60 80 75 35

(b) Format the STUDENT NAME column using word wrap command.

(c) Insert the title “SECOND TERM EXAMINATION RESULTS” on top of the created table using the merge and centre feature.

(d) Save the workbook as MODIFIED in the folder created.

(e) Create appropriate column for the following:

(i) Total Score;

(ii) Lowest Score.

(f) Compute the values for 2 (e)(i) and 2 (e)(ii).

(g) Sort the worksheet in descending order of the total score and save as SORTED in the folder created.

(h) Use Auto-Filter to extract records of students whose total score are 280.

(i) Insert your full name and index number as header.

(j) Save workbook as FINAL_RESULTS in the folder created.

[15 marks]

  1. Write a program in QBASIC to determine whether a number is prime or not.

Display the output on-screen showing the number and the remark either:

Number is prime OR Number is not prime.

Save program as PRIME in the folder created.

[15 marks]


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