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Faith-Based Organization (FBOS) Educated Youth Leaders On SRHR And SGBV In Afadzato South District.

Faith-Based Organization (FBOS) Educated Youth Leaders On Sexual Reproductive Health Right (SRHR) And Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) In Afadzato South District.

A one day dialogue program held in the Afadzato South District for 50 youth leaders in the district from Faith-Based Organization (FBOs) on Sexual Reproductive Health Right (SRHR) and Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) to empower adolescent girls and pregnant girls on the forms, implications and prevention of SGBV and child marriage. They also motivated participants to return to school or take up a trade to secure their future. The program also seeks to educate adolescent mothers on their sexual reproductive life and services available to them in their districts. 80 girls were supported with at least three months supply of sanitary pads.

The Volta Regional Director of the National Youth Authority (NYA), Mr. Yao Semorde in his welcome address said he was happy with the initiative to educate the youth on sexual reproduction and sexual violence in the district. He also acknowledged the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the initiative to join the program and the works he is doing for the district. He added that the initiative is to create the awareness of SRHR and SGBV to the youth through the churches, mosques and other places of worship.

The District Chief Executive for Afadzato South, Hon. James Etornam Flolu in his speech said “situations where adolescent youths’ future is destroyed due to mistakes and could not recover from, is becoming alarming in the communities. This is likely to become a cycle where the children suffer the same fate as their mothers due to lack of proper upbringing.”

He added that the initiative is to bring the cycle to an end even when society has sacralized adolescent reproductive which drives the pregnant girls to commit suicide.

He again said a well structured system where the pregnant girls would be brought back on track after they have committed this mistake is the solution to end the cycle. He encouraged the participants to make sure they share the message to every youth in the communities.

The Regional Director, Department of Gender, Mrs. Thywill Eyram Kpe in her presentation acknowledged that the youth is the future of the country and if they engage in sexual violence they will face the law which will deprive the country of human resources in future.  She also mentioned that the maximum sentence for sexual crimes is about 25 years. She explained that educating the youth on these crimes would enable them serve as watch dogs in the societies and report whoever engages in these crimes to the law enforcers.

“One of the things the youth engages in is sex, sexual and gender-based violence is giving the understanding that when and how a person engages in sex can make sex a crime or not” she explained.

She further mentioned rape, defilement, incest, any other unnatural sexual or carnal knowledge, indecent assault or sexual harassments as some of the sexual violence punishable by law. She advised the youth to be cautious of their actions if they cannot abstain from sex so as not to be caught by the law.

Sexual Gender-Based Violence has many social and health implications which include STIs, mental issues, unplanned pregnancies and legal consequences that can destroy the lives and future aspirations of the youth and the development of the country as a whole.

Also in attendance to the program organised by Faith-Based Organization was the District Public Health Nurse, Godsway Kofi Delima.


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