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Trial Core ICT Questions

Trial Core ICT Questions

  1. In a computer keyboard the Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Del & Insert keys are known as
    A. Standard keys          B. Function keys          C. Navigation keys      D. Special purpose keys
  2. Which among the following is not a peripheral hardware device in a computer system?
    A. Keyboard                 B. Optical Drive           C. HDD                         D. Printer
  3. Which among the following hardware you usually can’t find inside a CPU Casing?
    A. Power Supply box    B. Video card               C. Video display unit   D. Graphics processor
  4. Computers process data under the control of sets of instructions termed as
    computer A. programs B. computer data         C. computer buses      D. computer instructions
  5. Computer which can perform quadrillion instruction per second is termed as                                                      A. Super computer        B. Personal Computer  C.PLC                           D.Automobile
  6. Data stored in a ROM cannot be changed by user of a computer?      a) TRUE     b) FALSE
  7. The brains of the computer is the:
    A. RAM             B. ROM                      C. Motherboard                      D. CPU
  8. RAM stand for:    A. Really Awesome Monkeys          B. Rotten Apple Money    C. Random Access Memory        D. Raspberry And Mayonnaise
  9. When you save a file, it is permanently saved on the:
    A. CPU                       B. Monitor                  C. Hard drive              D. RAM
  10. Select three input devices your computer uses:
    A. Mouse, keyboard, monitor  B. Mouse, keyboard, scanner   C. Mouse, printer, CPU  D. Mouse, scanner, printer
  11. ICT stands for :
    A. Inter connected Terminals                             B. Intera Common Terminology
    C. International Communication Technology    D. Information and Communication Technology
  12. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
    A. Computer is capable of processing only digital signal
    B. Appropriate software is required for processing the data
    C. Computer is capable of processing digital as well as analog signals
    D. Computer is capable of analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data
  13. Which of the following statements is correct?
    A. Virus is a part of software                                       B. Virus is an operating system
    C. Internet does not allow the virus to spread            D. Virus improves the speed of processing information through computer
  14. The device that the computer uses to keep data is     A. input device   B. output device C. processing device   D. storage device
  15. The first key on the computer keyboard is  A. Caps Lock     B. Delete               C. Enter                       D. Esc
  16. In which of the following are the storage devices arranged on the basis of lowest to the highest capacity?        A. CD, DVD, Floppy Disk and Hard Disk       B. Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, DVD and CD
    C. Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and Hard Disk       D. Floppy Disk, DVD, CD and Hard Disk
  17. A pen drive…………………       A. inputs information         B. puts out information       C. retrieves information          D. stores information
  18. The main storage medium within the system unit of the computer is the
    A. CD-ROM                          B. FDD                       C. HDD                      D. USB
  19. To boot a computer is the same as to………………………………
    A. shut down the computer        B. restart the computer          C. start the computer
    D. stop the computer
  20. On which bar is the system clock located?
    A. Menu bar                         B. Scrollbar                C. Task bar                D. Toolbar
  21. The command button used to exit windows application is the
    close button B. maximize button C. minimize button     D. restore button
  22. An example of an operating system is
    A. CALC         B. DISK                     C. DOS                       D. WORD
  23. To copy a file means to
    A. cut the file from the desktop                      B. delete the file into recycle bin
    C. make a duplicate of the file                        D. remove the file from a folder
  24. Programs that perform specific task for users are referred to as
    A. application software                  B. computer software      C. operating software       D. system software
  25. A group of files are stored in a……. A. folder            B. graphic        C. text             D. word
  26. The operation whereby the computer manipulates data to produce information is known as                                 A. capturing                       B. processing                 C. recording                  D. retrieving
  27. Which of the following components emits radiation?
    A. Hard disk                        B. Keyboard                   C. Mobile phone            D. Speaker
  28. The legal right that does not allow people to copy intellectual property without the permissionof the original owner is called…………………………………………. A. copyright       B. freeware         C. piracy          D. privacy
  29. The symbol B, I, U are commonly used buttons found on the
    A. drawing toolbar           B. formatting toolbar           C. menu toolbar          D. standard toolbar
  30. Right-clicking a mouse on an open window
    A. creates a new document                B. opens a file menu
    C. opens a new window                     D. opens a context menu if available
  31. Which of the following computer keyboard keys is used to delete characters from left to right on-screen?        A. Alternate                  B. Backspace                  C. Delete                  D. shift
  32. Which of the following computer keys allows the user to type upper case letters?
    A. Alternate key            B. Control key               C. Caps Lock key       D. Num Lock key
  33. Which of the following keys is used for multiple selections of texts that are not continuous?                               A. Alt                            B. Ctrl                            C. Del                        D. Shift
  34. The device which is used to produce hard copies from personal computers in schools is
    A. photocopier             B. monitor                     C. printer                     D. scanner
  35. A computer program that enables users to surf the internet is known as
    A. internet explorer      B. navigator                   C. web browser           D. internet surfer
  36. Which of the following devices will enable users to get access to the internet connection?
    A. keyboard                  B. Modem                      C. Projector                 D. Scanner
  37. Specialized programs that assist users to locate information on the internet are called
    A. agents                      B. internet browsers       C. search engines        D. web
  38. The software responsible for the management of the basic operations of the computer is the application        A. program                   B. device drivers             C. operating system    D. utility program
  39. The term used to describe all physical components of a computer is;
    A. Software                   B. Shareware                   C. Hardware               D. Firmware
  40. Which of the following is not a career option in ICT?                                                                                            A. Systems Administrator           B. Investment Analyst             C. IT Manager     D. Systems Analyst





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