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Health Service Workers’ Union Threaten Strike over COLA

Health Service Workers’ Union Threaten Strike over COLA

In a press released by the Health Service Workers Union (HSWU) of TUC, it indicates that, they are feeling the heat in the economy and will not hesitate to call off their services if the government do not grant them 20% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA). The press released has been signed by the General Secretary of the union, Franklin Owusu Ansah.

The letter reads, “The government of Ghana in 2021 and 2022 increased the base pay of all public sector workers by 4 and 7% respectively. These increases were much below the expectation of the HSWU largely because as of January, inflation was even hovering around 13.9%. This meant that the government increases had already been depleted at the beginning of the year. Despite the untoward hardship members still kept calm and remained committed to delivering quality health care to Ghanaians.”

“Presently as the Union speaks, inflation has risen to 27.6%. Juxtaposing this with the 7% wage increase of this year, it is clear that there is already a shot fall in the wage by 20.6%” as mentioned by the Union.

The Union alleged that they used the right processes to engage the government to pay at least 20% COLA but the government turn deaf ears to their demands. It was made known in the press released and it reads, “As a result of the above lamentations the HSWU believing in social dialogue has engaged the government through the TUC on several occasions to request the President to use his executive powers to grant a Cost of Living of about 20% to at least cushion members in these hard times but all these meetings yielded no positive results.”

It further stated, “The leadership of HSWU therefore deems it prudent to draw the mind of government to the fact that the inexorable patience of the members of the Health Service Workers’ Union is dying out considering the rising agitations stemming from the worsening economic conditions. To maintain the peaceful industrial atmosphere within the health sector, we entreat government to as a matter of urgency listen to cry of members and grant them the COLA as being requested before the situation gets out of hands”.

“If anything should happen because of the silence of government, the Union should not be held responsible.”

The released was concluded stating, “We would also like to seize the opportunity to advice all members to remain calm as leadership convenes as Emergency NEC meeting to give the way forward”.

This must be a wake up call to the government to do the needful in order to avoid all unions following suit to strike. It will be prudent he pay workers the COLA to cushion workers. To see the Health Service Workers’ Union Threaten Strike over COLA just as the teachers are also demanding, is a guarantee to teachers that they cannot be intimidated.

The Pre-tertiary teacher unions should not negotiate for less since other unions may be calling for same percentage and it would be disappointing if they bargain for less or call of the strike over mere promises. This is the time for the unions to regain the trust of their members.

Health Service Workers' Unions
Health Service Workers’ Unions threaten strike
Health Service Workers' Unions
Health Service Workers’ Unions


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