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Central Tongu DCE Hands Over Dual Desk as He Commemorated Tree Planting.

Central Tongu DCE Handed Over 200 Dual Desk as He Commemorate Tree Planting In The District

Mr. Robert Nutakor from Sogakope Forestry commission spoke about the importance of tree planting and stated that the campaign started last year and continuing this year as mentioned by the Government of Ghana His Excellency the President Nana Akuffo Addo. Planting of trees wouldn’t be a nine day wonder but is here to stay.

He stated that Mafi Adidome inhabitants had their share of the tree planting exercise and were led by the DCE and the Agric Director. This was to inform the indigenes about the importance of the tree planting.

He said many people fell trees for charcoal and for firewood yet failed to plant new ones to replace them which is causing excessive heat and climate change. The programme is to see every single indigene plant a tree not just for the fruit it may bring but for other importance it seeks to serve the human race at large.

According to him, the trees aid in the air we breathe and they as well give us food. He advised that some of the trees take longer time to grow and will serve the next generations to come and some also provide medicines to us hence, the need to plant various spices of the trees.

He advised the gathering to always seek permission from the commission before cutting down trees. The individuals’ will be shown the right methods to follow before cutting down the trees. He claimed, cutting down of trees without permission is illegal and culprits may face the law.

The DCE, Hon. Thomas Moore Zonyrah handed over 200 dual desk to the Central Tongu Education Directorate, and also participated in the tree planting exercise.

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He pleaded with the beneficiary schools to take very good care of the desk so that it can last for a very long time.

Students leaving desks outside exposing them to the sun and rainfall will cause its damage in the shortest possible time and some community members that also borrow the desk and leave them outside in the mercies of the weather must also desist from it so that when new desks are supplied, it will be enough for the students.

He said the Central Tongu intends to plant 6,000 trees and invited the indigenes that are willing to participate in the tree planting exercise to give out their names so they can be provided with the nursed trees for planting.

“It is open to schools, churches, mosque etc. to help provide shade and also beautifies the environment. He also reiterated that some of the trees are for medicinal purposes while others provide food for both animals and humans” he said.

He again call on everyone that planted the trees not to abandoned them in the bush to get burnt but must water them frequently until they are fully matured. He asked that trees must be planted every year. He said the citizens that indiscriminately fell trees must desist from it before the law caught up with them.

He also lauded the government for the good initiatives he instituted to fight climate change in Ghana. Everyone is invited to join the tree planting campaign to safe the earth and the human race at large.

The programme saw Mr. Reuben K. Akuffo, District Coordinating Director, Mr. Reuben Adase, District Agric Director all planting a tree to commemorate the green Ghana day.


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