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NAGRAT to Strike if Their Demands Are Not Met by Government

NAGRAT to Strike if Their Demands Are Not Met by Government

NAGRAT to strike should Government continue to ignore their flight and demands. In a press conference released on Tuesday 7th June, 2022, by the Vice President of NAGRAT, It is clear that the Union will not back down for anything until their demands are met.

The Vice President Mr. Jacob Anaba called on the government to attend to teachers especially at this time that the cost of goods and services are sky rocketing leaving the Ghanaian teachers behind.

It was popularly said that ” the teachers blessing is in heaven” but NAGRAT thinks otherwise since the Ghanaian teacher can no longer afford their basic needs with the meager salary they go home with. Salaries are stable and promotions and upgrading’s are been halted for teachers who worked tirelessly to educate your children.

In the released, The NAGRAT Vice President Mr. Jacob Anaba stated that several calls on the Government to see the suffering of the Ghanaian teacher all fell on deaf ears. He claimed to have made similar call in November 2021 when prices of goods and services started escalating for an upwards adjustment in salaries to cushion workers. Understandably, Labour Unions, notably CCT, TEWU and GNAT all made same call yet nothing has been done till this day.

He stated that “The last call was made on May Day by the Secretary-General of TUC, who is the mouthpiece of Organised Labour. The Secretary-General repeated the call for the Government to grant COLA to the Ghanaian worker to alleviate the excruciating suffering Ghanaian Workers are going through in the presence of, H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo, the President of Ghana”.

“The President had earlier said and I quote, “we (government) know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life”. The question is what has changed?” he quizzed.

He sent a message to the President by saying, “Mr. President, your people (workers) are dying, please attend to them now and do not prioritize the Economy over the human resource. The worker can no longer bear the economic hardship.”

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Mr. Jacob Anaba further mentioned that “This situation has resulted in the rank and file of our membership calling for a positive action. Therefore, we are by this conference serving notice to those who matter that, their ineptitude towards the call by the Unions to grant COLA to the suffering Ghanaian Worker is leaving us no alternative than to respond to the incessant demands of our members”.

The Union demanded that the their granted COLA by the end of June or leave them with no choice to strike. These are the NAGRAT’s demand to the government as mentioned in the press released, “We therefore demand that, as a matter of urgency the Government must grant workers a Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) of 20% at the end of June 2022.”

“Secondly, we demand that the National Tripartite Committee, a body mandated by law, per Section 113 of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651) must as a matter of urgency, determine the new minimum wage for the year 2023 by the middle of June 2022.”

“Thirdly, the Public Sector Joint Negotiations Committee must kick start processes for the determination of Base pay for the year 2023 before 30 June, 2022” as stated by the Vice President of NAGRAT.

Leadership would be left with no option than to declare a strike by the end of July 2022, if all the requests made are not adhered to.

He asked members to wear red bands by the end of June should Government fail to meet their demands. He was quoted saying, “Leadership hereby yields to the demand of members for positive action, beginning with the wearing of red bands by the end of June 2022, if the demands made are not met.”

He concluded by saying, “We further instruct all our Regional and Zonal Secretariats to hoist red flags in front of our offices with immediate effect.”

We think other teacher Unions must join the call at this time as one voice to fight for the overburden, underpaid and struggling teachers. Teachers deserve better!

NAGRAT to strike
NAGRAT to strike



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