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Queen Elizabeth II Goes Home at 96 (Operation London Bridge)

Queen Elizabeth II Goes Home at 96 (Operation London Bridge)

Operation London Bridge is the code name given to the Plan in Place for the days and weeks after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

She has been made Queen since February 1952 and happens to be the longest reign of any Monarch in the History of British.

The Queen was the cornerstone to the Commonwealth Patron to almost 600 organizations and charities.

Her Private secretary Right Honorable Edward Young will pass a message London Bridge is down, and He’ll set operation London Bridge is down into action.

Within minutes the 15 governments outside of the United Kingdom where the Queen is the Head of State will be informed over a secure line. That will be followed by other 36 commonwealth nations and leaders around the world.

The gates of the Buckingham Palace will then dawn a black-edged notice of the news. Same time, newsflash will alert media around the world.

All radio stations has a network of lights that will flash to indicate catastrophe such as this. All news readers will hence appear in black suits and clothing’s.

BBC iconic logo will change to black. At this point, the Queens oldest son Charles will immediately become King.

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As expected, the next day after the Queens death, King Charles is will make his first official speech as King on a livestream. After that the government will swear its allegiance to the sound of a 41-gun salute in Hyde Park, London. King Charles will tour UK visiting leaders of the four capitals of UK namely, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff and later, return to London.

All documentaries made in the Queens name will be aired by media houses. During this time, there will be no comedy show in any of the media houses as a sign of respect.

After 4 days, the Queen’s coffin will be led on a military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall where she will lie in state for 4 days.

King Charles, families and dignitaries will pay their last respects after which the doors will be open to likely 1000 of people queued up outside.

The funeral is expected to take place estimatedly 10-12 days  of which there will be an official Bank Holiday in UK. It is expected that stock exchanges will be close the 2nd time briefly.

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Exactly 11 am sharp, the bells of Big Ben will chime where the country will fall silent and the coffin will be taken to Windsor Castle and finally to St. George’s Chapel the Queen is expected to be laid to rest next to her father King George VI.

After the funeral, an official coronation will be carried on King Charles where there will be another official Bank Holiday.

A lot of things will begin to change such as the British Currency that will be replaced with the portrait of the King and gradually the removal of that of the Queen’s. Same will happen to Stamps, passports and military uniforms. The anthem will also be change to “God save the King”.

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