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Elective ICT Trial Questions-2

Elective ICT Trial Questions-2

Paper 2


[60 marks]


Answer all questions


  1. Explain Digital Culture. [4 marks]

A. State three components of information system. [6 marks]

B. With a suitable diagram, briefly describe the machine cycle. [4 marks]

C. List three attributes of a good information system. [6 marks]



  1. Explain Information System. [3 marks]

A. State the four categories of hardware components of a computer system. [5 marks]

B. List four features of printers. [4 marks]

C. Mention four types of information system. [ 8 marks]



  1. What is a Computer Hardware? [3 marks]

A. State four media types used in information systems. [8 marks]

B. List the three models under the DSS. [6 marks]

C. Mention the types of non-impact printers. [3 marks]



Paper 1


[40 marks]


Answer all the questions.

1. All the following are components of information system except.

A. Hardware

B. System ware

C. Software

D. Live ware

2. The Principal software that manages all the resources of a computer and provide an interface through which the system’s user can deploy is

A. Embedded system

B. System Software

C. Operating System

D. Application Software

3. The three major functions of computer is to

A. Process data, supply data and produce output

B. Accept data, process data and display information

C. Accept data produce data and produce information

D. Process data, produce data and display information

4. Which of the following acts is not a cybercrime

A. Hacking

B. Phishing

C. Encryption

D. identity theft

5. A device used within the computer that conducts and draws heat away from the processor is called?

A. radiator

B. heat sink

C. thermostat

D. air conditioner

6. The act of converting data into information is known as data

A. analysis

B. processing

C. collection

D. transformation

7. A collection of computers used by business organizations to interact with allies across the world through telecommunication links is known as

A. extranet

B. intranet

C. internet

D. web


8. Which of the following tool is used by engineering designers?

A. Computer Assisted Learning

B. Computer Assisted Manufacturing

C. Computer Aided Design

D. Computer Based Testing

9. Which of the following computer application programs is a text editor

A. Notepad


C. PageMaker

D. Spreadsheet

10. Which of the following printers uses a combination of waxes and heat to form image?

A. Dot matrix

C. Inkjet

C. Laser

D. Thermal

11. Which of the following parts of a computer performs calculations?

A. Cache

B. Random Access Memory

C. Hard Disk

D. Central Processing Unit

12. A device used within the computer that conducts and draws heat away from the processor is known as

A. radiator

B. heat sink

C. thermostat

D. air conditioner

13. The expansion slot used to hold high-speed 3D graphics video cards is the





14. The tag to use to show a paragraph in an html page is

A. <p>…</p>

B. </p>…</p>

C. <p>…<p>

D. </p>…<p>

15. The following information are stored on a computer’s CMOS chip except

A. date and time

B. memory information

C. printer configuration

D. hard drive configuration

16. The delivering of instruction in education often on an individual basis to students who are not physically present in a classroom setting is called …

A. Distance education

B. Classroom education

C. Teleconferencing

D. Interactive education

17. The form of assessment that promote learning but are not part of a course’s marking is known as

A. Summative assessment

B. Class assessment

C. Formative assessment

D. Quiz assessment

18. Which of the following is not an input device?

A. Touch screen

C. scanner

C. Mouse

D. Printer

19. What is the total number of keys a standard keyboard has?

A. 104 keys

B. 105 keys

C. 106 keys

D. 107 keys

20. Pick the odd one out

A. Functional keys

B. Alphanumeric keys

C. Escape keys

D. Numeric keys

21. CCD stands for

A. Charged coupled disk

B. Charged critical device

C. Charged coupled device

D. Charged coupled drive

22. Which of the following scanners is used mainly in assessing multiple-choice examinations or questionnaires given out by market researchers and tickets of national lotteries?

A. Optical Mark Reader

B. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

C. Optical Character Recognition

D. Optical Scanner

23. …………………… fetches instructions from the memory, decodes them and directs them to various units to perform the specified tasks.

A. Arithmetic and logic unit

B. Control Unit

C. Main memory

D. Read Only Memory

24. Which device is the main component the user used to communicate with the computer?

A. Mouse

B. Monitor

C. Keyboard

D. Memory

25. Parts of the computer that are tangible, therefore, are physical and can be perceived by the senses

A. Hardware

B. Software

C. Tupperware

D. Peopleware

26. …………………. is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

A. Phishing

B. Malware

C. Hacking

D. Software

27. …………………. are specialized input and output devices for receiving and sending voice communication.

A. Internet Telephones

B. Terminals

C. Fax Machine

D. Multifunctional devices

28. Procedures are practical and methods to be followed in using operating and maintaining an information system.

A. True B. False

29. Inaccuracy is one of the attributes of a good information system.

A. True B. False

30. Animations are visual presentations on a surface, such as a computer screen.

A. True B. False

31. Graphic is the illusion of movement created by showing a series of still pictures in rapid succession.

A. True B. False

32. A computer-based information system uses computers to collect, process, store, analyze and distribute information for a specific purpose, such as meeting a business objective.

  1. True                         False

33. …………. is a device used to manipulate the real data entered into the computer into meaningful information.

A. Storage devices

B. Processing devices

C. Communication devices

D. Input devices

34. The motherboard can also be referred to as …………………..

A. System board

B. Chasis


D. Bus

35. A voltage regulator module can sometimes be referred to as ……………………..

A. Processor Port Module

B. Process Power Module

C. Processor Power Module

D. Processor Power Mode

36. …………………………. Provides a connection point for small specialized electronic parts called chips.

A. Slots

B. Connecting lines

C. Sockets

D. CMOS battery

37. …………………………. provide a connection point for specialized cards or circuit boards.

A. Slots

B. Connecting lines

C. Sockets

D. CMOS battery

38. …………………………. provides pathways that support communication among the various electronic components that are either located on the system board or attached to the system board.

A. Slots

B. Connecting lines

C. Sockets

D. CMOS battery

39. ……………………… sprays ink at high speed onto the surface of paper.

A. Dot matrix

B. Inkjet

C. Thermal

D. Daisy wheel

40. ……………………. are used to present and store all kind of information on paper, such as letter, memorandum, scientific data, graphs, photographs and advertising materials.

A. Printer

B. Plotter

C. Speaker

D. Monitor


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