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Aptitude Test Questions and Answers in Ghana For PS, AD2 , AD1 AND DD – 2022

Aptitude Test Questions and Answers in Ghana

The Aptitude Test Questions and Answers in Ghana has been selected from all the past test conducted. Take your time to learn them as you prepare for you Promotional and Licensure Exams

The aptitude test questions are carefully selected to help you to prepare.

  1. The tenure of office of members of the GES Council is……. .. Three (3) years.
  2. The purpose of evaluation is to make…… Answer… Judgment.
  3. The Common Core Programme (CCP) for Junior and Senior High Schools consist of how many subjects……. Answer.9
  4. The Ghana Education Service was established by the Ghana Education Service Act 1995…. Answer…Act 506.
  5. Rote Learning is more common with ….. Answer .. Learner Centered.
  6. Which of these Ghanaian Languages is common but not approved for teaching and Learning in Ghanaian Schools….. (a. Dangme b. Kasem c.Nzema d. Sefwi.) Answer. …Sefwi.
  7. Out of 50 students who took a test, 45 of them passed. What percentage of them failed?. Answer 10%
  8. The main role of the Education Sector Analysis (ESA) is to…… Answer… Provide an objective assessment of the state of education in the country.
  9. The GES was established in the year 1974 as a national organization under the Ministry of Education (MOE) by the Act …. Answer 778.
  10. The Ghana Education Service is governed by how many council members. ….. Answer. …15
  11. The global best teacher award 2021 was won by …….. Answer. Keishia Thorpe.
  12. The prize award giving to the global best teacher 2021 amounted to …… Answer…. 1 million Dollars.
  13. The global best teacher 2021 comes from which country. Answer…… United States of America (USA).
  14. The 2021 best teacher award in Ghana was won by …. Answer.. Ebenezer Kojo Otoo.
  15. The 2021 best teacher in Ghana teaches in which school….. Answer….Winneba Senior High School (SHS) in Efutu Municipality of Central Region.
  16. The general name for scoring guide used to evaluate the quality of Students constructed responses is called…… Answer….Rubric.
  17. Who Chairs the District Education Oversight Committee (DEOC)?.. Answer… The District Chief Executive.
  18. Blooms Taxonomy of cognitive domain consist of how many levels. Answer 6 levels
  19. The agency aside “The National Teaching Council and The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment assist The Ghana Education Service to manage the pre- tertiary education, system ? Answer…… The National Schools inspectorate Authority.
  20. The Ministry of Education developed the Education Sector Medium Term Development Plan (ESMTD) to span over the period of….. Answer…..2018—- 2030.

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  1. The current chairman of the National Teaching Council (NTC) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) is called…… Answer…….Mr Michael Nsowah.
  2. Evaluation is done to make judgment about the ……. Answer…Quality of work.
  3. The type of evaluation that monitors learning progress is called……. Answer….. Diagnosis Evaluation.
  4. A/an …………….is an instrument used for measuring sample of behaviour. Answer. …… Test.
  5. Which one of the following process is limited to quantitative description of pupils’ performance? …. Measurement.
  6. The process of obtaining numerical values for students characteristics is called…….. Answer…. Assessment.
  7. A formal systematic procedure of getting information about how much Students have learnt is called…… Answer…. Test.
  8. The best possible way of evaluating a students’ performance is through …… Answer……an on—going overall assessment through the year.
  9. The end of year exams conducted in schools are largely…. Answer……. Standardized achievement test.
  10. The activity of teachers investigating their own practices and developing useful ideas to improve their practices can be referred to as ……… Answer….. Qualitative.
  11. The Ministry of Education (MOE) supported by its agencies developed the Education Strategic Plan (ESP) alongside the …… Answer….. Education Sector Analysis (ESA) 2018—-2021.
  12. Which of the following programme did the Ministry of Education in partnership with the US Ambassador to Ghana launch in June 2020?. Answer ……Ghana Broadcasting Corporation interactive and easy to follow reading lesson.
  13. In which month of 2020 was the maiden edition of Ghana Education Service Newsletter ” GES TODAY” released. Answer…..28th May, 2020.
  14. Which of the following bodies is not an agency of the Ministry of Education? ( a. Ghana Library Authority b. National Accreditation Board c. National Commission for Civic Education  d . National Service Secretariat)  Answer…… National Commission for Civic Education ( NCCE)
  15. Which one of the following Acts under the PNDC law 1993 established the Ministry of Education? Answer….. Act 327.
  16. The only apex discipline authority that has the power to endorse any recommendation to summarily dismiss a teaching and non–teaching personel from the GES is the…….. Answer. Ghana Education Service Council (GES Council).
  17. Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETfund) provides support mainly in the area of …….. Answer….. Education of Ghanaian Students to study both locally and abroad.
  18. The governing body for the Ghana Education Service (GES) is the……….. Answer….. Ghana Education Service GES Council.
  19. The Capitation Grant was introduce in basic schools to remove…….. Answer…. Fees as barrier to access education..
  20. Which of the following subjects is not part of the list of subjects to be studied under the Common Core Programme for Junior and Senior High Schools in Ghana?. a. Career Technology b. History c. Physical Education d. Religious and Moral Education…. Answer… History
  21. Curriculum provides guidance for …….. Answer…. Teachers.
  22. According to John Dewey, the teacher should guide students in acquiring knowledge as a………. Answer. Facilitator.
  23. The word “Pedagogy” means……… …. Guide the Child.
  24. Where is the international court of Justice situated? ….. The Hague.
  25. The term used for monitoring outcomes with reference to objectives is called…….. …. Evaluation.
  26. Quantifying any behaviour or characteristic using standard and rules is known as ….. …. Measurement.
  27. The type of validity which is reflected in appearance of the test is known as……….. (a. Construct  b. Content  c. face  d.  Validity)  Answer….. Face
  28. Formal Education in the public school system in Ghana begins at the age of…… years. Answer….. Six (6)
  29. The Free SHS Programme in Ghana is funded by the…… Answer ….. Annual Budget Funding Amount.
  30. Which of following purposes of assessment is often associated with letter grade or number ?. Answer… Assessment of Learning.
  31. Which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) relates to Education? Answer….. SDG 4
  32. Which entity in the Ghana Pre—tertiary Education System recruits teachers? Answer…. Ministry of Education
  33. Which of the following structures is the highest decision making body at the Senior High School (SHS) level? Answer…..Board of Governors.
  34. The best way to monitor the performance of teachers is through …. Answer… In— service education and training (INSET)
  35. In the implementation of the School Performance lmprovement Plan (SPIP) The Metropolitan / Municipal/ District directorate of education is responsible mainly for ……. Answer…… Budgeting and disbursement.
  36. The complementary Basic Education (CBE) programme is targeted at which group of learners,……. ….. School Chicken Children beyond school starting age.
  37. The highest rank on the Ghana Education Service (GES) scheme of service is known as………. Answer… Director General of Ghana Education Service.
  38. As at October, 2020, the number of local administrative district in Ghana was ………… Answer……. 21.
  39. The type of motivation which involves engaging in a behaviour because it is personally rewarding rather than the desire for external reward is known as…….. Answer….. Intrinsic motivation.
  40. The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) has been in operation since the year…… Answer…..1995.
  41. The Complementary Basic Education (CBE ) Programme has benefited over ………….. Children…… …. 350,000.
  42. What does it mean to think outside the box as an educational leader? Answer ….. Generate innovative ideas.
  43. Which agency in Ghana regulates the teaching profession ? Answer….. National Teaching Council. ( NTC).
  44. Which act established the National Teaching Council ( NTC) Answer….. Education Act 2008 778.
  45. The Current Deputy Director General of the Ghana Education Service in Charge of Quality and Access is known as ….. Answer…. Dr Kwabena Bempah Tandoh.
  46. The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Education Service is called …. Answer…. Professor Kwasi Opoku Amankwah.

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  1. Which agency under the Ministry of Education advises the Minister on matters of educational development and employment of teachers? … National Teaching Council (NTC).
  2. …………… education referred to as basic education and pre– university, is education below the level of tertiary education or post —secondary education to include pre— school education through secondary education. Answer …… Pre—tertiary Education.
  3. The National Teaching Council (NTC) is made up of how many members. Answer … 12 Members.
  4. Which agency under the Ministry of Education (MOE ) is responsible for Ghana Teacher prize ?. ….. National Teaching Council (NTC).
  5. The Commission responsible for education of Ghanaians on Civic matters is called……… …. National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE).
  6. The Scholarship Secretariat was established by the government mainly to ….. Answer …….. Administor Government of Ghana  Awards.
  7. Which agency is mandated to develop the curriculum of Pre—tertiary institutions in Ghana? Answer.. National Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Council.
  8. Which act established the Ghana Education Service….. Answer Ghana Education Service Act 506 1995.
  9. How many divisions are under (GES) Answer ……. 10 (ten)
  10. How many programmes are there under the Ghana Education Service (GES)….. Answer. ….. Four (4)
  11. The Ghana Education Service (GES) is governed by how many member council. ….. Fifteen Members (15)
  12. How many teachers are in Ghana Education Service? Answer 187, 914.
  13. Who is the Deputy Director General of Ghana Education Service (GES) in charge of Management Services? Answer ……  Mr Anthony Boateng .
  14. What is the full name of ( TVETS) ? Answer …..  Technical and Vocational Education and Training Service.
  15. Who designed the flag of Ghana. Answer ……  Theodosia Okoh .
  16. How many units has the (TVED) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) headquarters ?. Answer Seven (7)
  17. The Circuit Supervisor of the Ghana Education Service (GES) is called… Answer….. Doris Guyir.
  18. The government has introduced a number of reforms aimed at improving teacher training. The most significant of these was the launch of new four — year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programme, which replaced the previous three (3) years Diploma in Basic Education qualification in ……. Answer  September 2019.
  19. Which of the following is not a subject taught at the Special School of the basic level of education?. Answer…… Science.
  20. Which of the following purposes of assessment is often associated with a letter grade or number? Answer… Assessment of Learning.
  21. ……………. is for the recording of the overall achievement of a pupil in a systematic way…….. Answer Summative Assessment
  22. ………………is by means of which some aspect of the work of a school or discrete part of the educational service can be assessed and or reported upon. …… Evaluative Assessment
  23. What also refers to Continuous Assessment, which is used in Ghana as part of the Educational Reforms that began in September 2008, is recommended for use at the Basic Second Cycle and TVET levels of education? Answer. …. School Based Assessment.
  24. Involving teachers in the employment interviews of prospective teachers for the department is a bad idea. True / False. Answer  … False.

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  1. Grades as indicators of what students have learned become tainted if non academic factors are counted and included in the evaluation. True/ False Answer. True.
  2. It is not important to know the purpose of assessment before selecting an assessment approach. True / False Answer False.
  3. The developmental domain of childhood development are three (3) True/ False, Answer …. False (5 ) five.
  4. As far as the psychology of the child is concerned, the following can be thought of : temperament, temper, disposition, behaviour and way of thinking. ( True/False)….. … True
  5. In the case of Re–engagement, a Court order or a document declaring the Teacher innocent must be attached to other relevant document. True /False.    … False
  6. A fundamental difference between inspection and supervision is that, inspection is specific oriented whereas supervision involves all aspects of the school. True / False. Answer.   True.
  7. When building a dossier on a misconducting Teacher, a Notebook must be procured by the Head teacher of the school to enter all the misconducts of the Teacher. (True / False) …..  False.
  8. Intuitive decision making is based on implicit knowledge relayed to the conscious mind at the point of decision through affect or unconscious cognition. ( True / False ). Answer  …..  True.
  9. Criterion referenced assessment fall under formal assessments. (True /False)  Answer…  True
  10. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, a CBE class is requested to have a minimum of 10 Learners per class. ( True/ False) Answer…….False .
  11. In all, there are seventeen (17) District on the Complementary Basic Education Project. ( True / False)  Answer  True.
  12. Part One of the National Pension Scheme deals with basic National Social Security Scheme. ( True / False) Answer  False.
  13. The present teacher education delivery is designed around the National Teacher Education Curriculum Framework (NTECF) which includes an Assessment Policy for teachers preparation and inform by the National Teacher Standard (NTS). (True/False). Answer    True.
  14. At the school level, the head of the institution provides day- to- day administration of the processes of teaching and while teachers are supposed to provide learners with skills for for the job market. True / False     Answer False.
  15. World or international Teachers Day is earmarked for celebration on every 25th December. True/ False. Answer. False.
  16. World Teachers Day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide, take stock of achievements and draw attention to the voices of to the voices of teachers who are at the heart of efforts to attain the global education target of leaving no one behind. True/ False.  Answer  True.
  17. 107. A schools informal organization refers to the structure of extra- curricular activities. (True/ False)   … True.
  18. Some features of Monarchial rule include freedom of Expression, Separation of Powers , Rule of Law, Multi-party system among others. (True/False). Answer False.
  19. A typical example of a gender gap in our society is certain jobs are considered to be the preserves of men. (True / False) 32 pts
  20. The National Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Council, is the governing authority responsible for matters related to curriculum and assessment for Pre—tertiary Education. ( True/ False). Answer.  … True.


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